2nd Chess Festival Munich
May 19th to June 2nd 2024

Munich Open 2024


Gymnasium Moosach
Gerastraße 6
80893 München

9 rounds Swiss system (with Baku Acceleration)
Rate of play: 90 min./40 moves, 30 min./rest, Bonus 30 sec./move starting from move 1
A Open for players rated Elo 2000 or higher
B Open for players rated below Elo 2000
(Players born 2006 or later may be allowed to take part in the A Open even if rated below Elo 2000. Please contact the organizer about this.)


All players need to register in person before the start of round 1. The in-person registration takes place on Sunday, May 26th from 16:00 to 17:15.

Round 1: Sunday, May 26th, 18:00
Round 2: Monday, May 27th, 18:00
Round 3: Tuesday, May 28th, 18:00
Round 4: Wednesday, May 29th, 18:00
Round 5: Thursday, May 30th, 10:00
Round 6: Thursday, May 30th, 16:00
Round 7: Friday, May 31st, 18:00
Round 8: Saturday, June 1st, 18:00
Round 9: Sunday, June 2nd, 10:00

The victory ceremony takes place immediately after the conclusion of the final round.

Starting fee
Adults: 100(A)/80(B) Euro
Youth (2006 & younger): 80(A)/60(B) Euro
GM/WGM/WIM/WFM: no fee

Prize Fund
A tournament: Total Prize Fund 15,000 Euros
General: 5,000/2,500/1,500/1,000/750/500/250
Women: 1,000/500/300/200
Seniors (1964 & older): 500/250
Youth (2006 & younger): 500/250

B tournament: Total Prize Fund 1,500 Euros
General: 500/250/150/100
Women: 200
Seniors (1964 & older): 150
Youth (2006 & younger): 150

Additional Informationen
Chief Arbiter: Luis Blasco de la Cruz, IA
FIDE title norms can be achieved in the A tournament.

The tournament will be submitted to be rated for both Elo and DWZ.

Link to Start List (A tournament) at Chess Results

Link to Start List (B tournament) at Chess Results


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