2nd Chess Festival Munich
May 19th to June 2nd 2024




The Munich Chess Festival 2024 is organized and run on a voluntary basis, with many dozens of helpers investing a lot of time and energy. Nevertheless, such a large event entails many costs - from room rental and material costs to the necessary prize money for the top international players.
In order to finance these costs, the Schachfestival München e.V. is running a crowdfunding campaign. With your donation, you can help to ensure that the Munich Chess Festival is a success, that it has a positive impact on the game of chess and that a basis is created for its continuation in subsequent years. In addition, you can receive special 'thank-you gifts' for certain donation amounts, e.g. participation in a simultaneous with GM Kjartansson or an entry on a supporter's chessboard (see below), which will be displayed on our website in the future.

You can donate to the crowdfunding by bank transfer to the following account (until April 29th 2024)

Recipient: VR Payment für Viele schaffen mehr

IBAN: DE33660600000000137749 
Purpose of transfer: P24905 - Schachfestival München 2024

 or via our dedicated site at our bank's crowdfunding platform (German language).