2nd Chess Festival Munich
May 19th to June 2nd 2024


F: What's the starting fee?

A: The starting fee depends on the tournament, age and Fide title, if applicable:

Adults (2005 and older)

Youth (2006 and younger)

 No fee for 

Whitsun Open Milbertshofen

90 Euros

70 Euros


Munich Open A

100 Euros

80 Euros


Munich Open B

80 Euros

60 Euros


Youth Open


50 Euros


F: How is the prize fund divided?

A: A minimum prize fund of 2,500 euros is guaranteed for the Whitsun Open, while the minimum prize fund for the Munich Open is 7,500 euros. We will endeavor to increase the prize fund for the tournaments. The exact distribution of prizes will be announced at least four weeks before the tournament begins.